Slang Bang! / Слэнг Бэнг!
Slang Bang! / Слэнг Бэнг!

Hi guys! Рабочая неделя подходит к концу, и пора немного расслабиться. Сегодня поговорим о том, как отдохнуть, соблюдая меру.

1) Constitutional – первая выпивка за день.

He downed a constitutional and made ready to set out for the office.

2) Pop wine – легкое игристое вино.

They were drinking pop wine like it was water.

3) Snifter – рюмочка ликера или другого крепкого напитка.

He never fails to drop a snifter after dinner.

4) Nip – глоток алкоголя.

Here, have a nip of this stuff, it tastes really good!

5) Moisten one’s clay – промочить горло.

He moistened his clay too freely with the juice of rye, that’s why he was pretty well stewed by dinnertime.