What's popping? Ловите еще одну подборку домашних идиом.

1) Lead (someone) up/down the garden path – водить за нос.

Stop leading me down the garden path and tell me what is going on here!

2) Sit on the fence – сомневаться в принятии решения.

The government has been sitting on the fence about enacting economic sanctions.

3) Hit the roof – злиться.

Our boss hit the roof when he knew we had missed the deadline.

4) Everything but the kitchen sink – все, что только можно себе представить.

We went on a trip just for two days, but she insisted on bringing everything but the kitchen sink along with us.

5) Throw in the towel – аналог нашего выражения «выбросить белый флаг».

They are going to beat us for the third time, so I guess it’s time we threw in the towel.