И ещё немного скепсиса касательно Google Duplex от Recode в противовес позитиву The Verge и @techsparks 🙂

«I first asked for it to hold, to which it replied, “mhmm,” then I got back on to say that there were no reservations available for Monday. I had to repeat myself once, as it requested a clarification after my initial reply, but then Google Assistant kicked me to an actual human»

«Google wanted to convince people that the technology does indeed exist and won’t just be used inside Google headquarters. The company says it plans to test Duplex with real humans later this summer, but that test will be small, and will only allow people to call preapproved businesses and ask about their hours of operation»

«Technology is still very far from that future. When asked when something like this could be available to the mainstream public, Scott Huffman, Google’s VP of engineering for Assistant, said, “We kind of don’t know”»

Однако я не хочу умалять возможности Google. От их синтеза речи в восторге все и только лишь это уже является большим достижением.

I talked to Google’s Duplex voice assistant. It felt like the beginning of something big.

But it’s not even close to ready for everyday use.
| Recode

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