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CSS With Accessibility in Mind: Progressive Enhancement

Manuel Matuzovic outlines why we should build websites with a basic but resilient foundation that work in most browsers and then enhance them with design and visual improvements. - http://amp.gs/LYZV


Приглашаем на вебинар по ReactNative 30 сентября!

Расскажем, как написать приложение-экосистему на React Native, а также с какими трудностями можно при этом столкнуться.

Регистрация: https://epa.ms/react-native-webinar

Участие бесплатное. Запись вебинара будет доступна зарегистрированным пользователям.

🗓 Дата: 30 сентября
⏰ Начало: 18:00 МСК
🏠 Формат: online

Docker Best Practices with Node.js

Patterns and practices with code examples on the ‘dockerizing’ of Node apps. It covers the basics but goes all the way to advanced decisions like how much and where to limit the container’s memory, using a process manager or having Node itself as the root process and more. - http://amp.gs/Xb0i



Docker best practices with Node.js

Collected, curated and written by: Yoni Goldberg, Bruno Scheufler, Kevyn Bruyere and Kyle Martin...
| DEV Community

Vue.js Functional Components

Another article by Frederik Dietz, this time about functional components. A great technique to know, though keep in mind that the template-first approach to functional components will be obsolete in Vue 3.0. You might want to focus on learning how to use functional components with JSX though! - http://amp.gs/XQTk



Vue.js Functional Components

In the previous article we looked into headless components and how to achieve maximum flexiblity by s...
| DEV Community

Metaprogramming with Proxies

Dr. Axel, the author of Deep JavaScript, keeps releasing extra chapters of his book for free online, and this one goes as deep into the topic of object proxies as you could ever hope. Do you need to know all of this? No. Am I glad the knowledge exists if I ever need to know? Yes! - http://amp.gs/XMnB


The React + GraphQL 2020 Crash Course

Given the ever-increasing pervasiveness of the React/GraphQL combination, there can never be enough ways of learning the necessary skills for working with them. - http://amp.gs/XL5d



The React + GraphQL 2020 Crash Course

Have you heard a lot about using React with GraphQL but don't know how to combine them to build amazing apps? In this crash course, you'll learn how to do just that by building a complete social blogging app.
| freeCodeCamp.org