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Quarkly has the power of graphic and code editors and the speed of website builders.

To make the introduction to Quarkly fun, we are launching a prize-winning contest.

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The 'Top Types' any and unknown in TypeScript

They’re not top types because they’re the best types 😂 .. but they’re essentially ‘universal’ types that can contain all values (in opposition to the never type which is the empty set). - http://amp.gs/23GZ


​​«Автоматизация тестирования на JavaScript» — первый практический онлайн-курс на рынке!

За 4 месяца вы на практике
Освоите UI и E2E тестирования и эффективное использование инструментов Puppeteer/CodeceptJS.
Познакомитесь с современными подходами и технологиями, которые применяются сейчас в автоматизации тестирования веб-приложений.
Научитесь выстраивать архитектуру своего тестового фреймворка
Освоите CI практики, используя Docker и Gitlab и многое другое.

Пройдите вступительный тест, чтобы записаться в группу и получить дополнительную скидку https://otus.pw/qsZ4/

How to build a Jamstack multi-language blog with Nuxt.js – Andrea Stagi

As Jamstack is getting increasingly popular, there are some areas where we’re still learning new things. One of them is adding internalization support. Learn how to do it using Nuxt and Strapi CMS. - http://amp.gs/2qk9

#vue #nuxt


How to build a Jamstack multi-language blog with Nuxt.js

Jamstack (Javascript, APIs and Markup Stack) is a terminology around the new way of making web projec...
| DEV Community

How to create dynamic forms with custom validation in Storyblok and Nuxt.js - Gary Siladi

If you already know the basics of Storyblok and Nuxt, see how you can use Storyblok fields to write dynamic forms components in this hands-on tutorial. It also showcases how you can use Vuelidate’s dynamic validation rules to validate a dynamically generated form. - http://amp.gs/2PjX

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How to create dynamic forms with custom validation in Storyblok and Nuxt.js

In this article we’ll show you how to easily set-up dynamic forms with custom validation using Storyblok, Nuxt.js, Vuelidate and TailwindCSS.
| Storyblok