Denis Sexy IT 🤖
Denis Sexy IT 🤖

На fixit огромный и детальный обзор супер дорогой ошибки инженеров и конструкторов под названием «новые клавиатуры Эппл». Гарантия на эти клавиатуры продлена на 4 года, и вылетит компании в многомиллиардные копеечки.

Правда, когда клавиатура новая - она мне даже нравится. Но через месяц после начала эксплуатации она уже конечно ужасна. При первой возможности зайду в эплстор и «починю» по гарантии

Apple Engineers Its Own Downfall With the Macbook Pro Keyboard

A titan of tech and industrial innovation has been laid low by a mere speck of dust. Last week, Apple quietly announced that they were extending the warranty on their flagship laptop’s keyboard by four years. As it turns out, the initial run of these keyboards, described by Jony Ive as thin, precise, and “sturdy,” has been magnificently prone to failure. In our eyes, the new design was a repairability flop. We downgraded Apple from a seven-out-of-ten to a two. The subsequent 2013 update sent the MacBook line into a freefall, earning a mere 1/10—the lowest a notebook had ever earned at that point. They haven’t recovered since.
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