Бросайте все, идите смотреть новый ролик Либресс.

Историческое событие в рекламе. Решиссер Ниша Ганатра никогда до этого не снимала ролики, а ее недавний полнометражный фильм выиграл Эмми. В России эта кампания вышла на две недели раньше, в сильно отредактированном варианте, и даже в таком виде собрала пять миллионов просмотров и сотни восхищенных комментариев.
Мне кажется, это кампания года.

Bodyform: #wombstories

Our #wombstories are never simple. But all of them – the wonderful and the weird, the happy and the sad – need to be heard. Learn more: https://www.bodyform.co.uk/our-world/why-our-wombstories-need-to-be-heard/ We tell girls a simple story: Get your period around twelve. Repeat every twenty-eight days. Deal with some pain. Have some babies. Then more periods. And then around fifty, your body is meant to politely retire. But it’s never that simple. And when we pretend that it is, we make every other experience feels less normal, less valid, less real. Women's confidence and wellbeing suffer. Pain goes undiagnosed. Shame and embarrassment build. The silence about our bodies and experiences goes on. Now more than ever, we need to tell all the unseen, unspoken stories of our periods, vulvas and wombs – our #wombstories - because none of them have gone away. They are real stories of love and hate, Of pleasure and pain and pain so severe it’s a disease with a name, endometriosis, It’s stories of longing and trying…
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