Vee Security
Vee Security

Hey there, long time, no hear!

For the last two months we have been working hard to improve Vee Security services. So, after two months of sleepless nights, dozens of pizzas and hundreds of coffee mugs we're so excited to share our updates with you.

💳 First of all, we've completely redesigned the Connecto VPN purchase process. With new auto-renewing subscriptions we will take care of your monthly payments — just link a card to your Vee ID and enjoy your service with no interruptions. As sure as eggs is eggs, we also have classic old-school subscriptions as well.

🌎 Привет! こんにちは! Salut! We are getting closer to our lovely customers. That is why we started adding languages to our products, this time — Russian. Besides that, we've also created a Telegram channel just for our Russian users. Of course, there are even more languages coming later this year. Keep reading, there’s more!

🇩🇪 Deutschland! Yes, we've added Dusseldorf, Germany as our new location. Try Connecto VPN with a taste of Bavarian sausages and beer by selecting Germany on or in your favourite iOS & macOS applications.

We also fixed bugs in our iOS & macOS applications, updates will be available through the AppStore very soon.

And finally, if you have never tried Connecto VPN — we made a page where you can create an account and buy a subscription in less than just a minute. Give it a try!

Subscribe to Connecto VPN now and enjoy safe, secure & fast-as-hell Internet.